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Professional Bail Bonds In North Carolina

Holmes Bail Bonding has a team of expert professionals who have years of experience providing quality and professional bail bonds service in North Carolina. With the expertise and sound knowledge of the entire process, you or your loved one will be out of jail on bail as soon as possible. If you or a loved one is facing charges, our experts will be more than happy to assist you by providing you with a bail bondsman in your area.

Sometimes, Life Gets Complicated

If you have landed in jail because of some complications, you can count on one of our bail bonding experts. What separates us from the other companies offering Bail Bondsman services is our honest approach to the matter. We make it easy for you with the use of our flexible payment plans and discount programs, this helps in relieving some tension off the already difficult situation you are in.

We can help post bail for the all offences including but not limited to:

  • Traffic related offences. It includes drunk driving, driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated offences
  • Spousal abuse or domestic violence related charges
  • Immigration bonds
  • Misdemeanor or felonies offences


How Do We Work?

We work by filing a monetary guarantee with the court regarding the placement of the defendant in custody. Once released from jail, the defendant will become the responsibility of one of our professional experts. It is upon us to make sure they show up in court or wherever and whenever it is obligatory for them to be. Our experts make sure that every aspect is taken care of the best way so you don’t end up in jail again.

A Hassle-Free Bail Bonds Process

Getting someone from the local jail is not an easy process. We understand how difficult this time is for you and your family. Therefore, we offer easy and quick  solutions to help you out in this difficult time. We will take care of all the legal formalities and steps to ensure you are released quickly.

We offer the following:

  • Free Consultation
  • Flexible Bail Requirements
  • Flexible Payment Plans


We’ve Got Your Back!

We offer services in 100 counties across the North Carolina Region. With our headquarters based in Raleigh North Carolina, we offer many different satellite offices throughout all of NC  with agents ready to assist you.   If you or a loved one has ended up in jail for the above-mentioned charges, don’t worry as we have you covered with our easy and hassle-free process.

We are dedicated to getting you out of jail at the earliest so you can be reunited with your friends and family who is in an emotional situation. We will walk you through the entire process so that you don’t feel alone in this battle. Many people have no idea what needs to be done in case you get arrested. Confusion and panic may take over in such situations which leaves you lost and frustrated. With the help of our expert and friendly staff, the ordeal should be over in no time.

The best thing we can recommend is do not wait for all of it to happen. If there is a warrant issued for your arrest, get in touch with us right away. Consult with our experts and make timely arrangements for posting a bond before you surrender or are forcefully arrested. We know what to do in these situations and will find a way out.


Flexible Payment Plans

You do not have to pay it all at once. After the initial down payment, we can sit together and make a convenient payment plan for you to follow in accordance with your financial conditions. All you need to have is a good credit history and some times even a promissory note will do the job. Rest assured that we will work with you and you will be provided with easy to manage payments.


Stuck in Jail? Contact The Experts!

Getting someone released from jail is a complicated process. Many things need to be taken care of and many formalities need to be done. If you are looking for the most reliable and fastest bail bond services, Holmes Bail Bonding is the best choice. We have a team of experts standing by who will take care of all aspects of your bail process so that you can be reunited with your friend or your loved one quickly.


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