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Bail Bond Discrimination

Bail Bonds DescrimationAs a bail bondsman company we don’t discriminate. It’s part of our jobs, however we do take our due diligence in choosing who we are going to work with.

As you can understand being a bail bondsman, means that we work with a variety of people and some of them are in fact criminals. We do use our best judgement when we choose to work with clients, as we know that some of the people we work with could potentially not pay us or skip town altogether.

As a bail bondsman it’s important for us to believe who we work with. Just like any company we don’t discriminate from sex, creed, or sexual orientation but we do have a process in place that includes a number of questions that we ask in order to qualify an individual for bail bonds.

Discrimination on Criminals

We do agree that all people are innocent until proven guilty and we do not discriminate, but we do ask the following from all of our clients:

  • Have justifiable money to pay your bail bonds back. If not you do have the collateral to put up.
  • Do show up to jail on a timely presence.
  • Do remain inactive from any activities that could be seen as harmful to your upcoming court date.
  • Do remain in the area where you were arrested and reside until the court hearing is over.
  • It’s not much but we want the bail bonding presence to be as easier as possible.

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