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How to Be safe during the holidays

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It’s starting to get warmer outside, which means more and more people are going to start spending time outside and going out. With St. Patrick’s Day and July 4rth right around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before people start heading outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Saying that though, it’s important to know how to handle yourself outside both personally and professionally when you’re out. A look, a glance, or a few ugly words can get you into trouble in a hurry. Here are 5 tips to follow to make sure that you don’t need to call a bail bondsman when you’re outside having fun.

  1. Limit your drinking. Professionals and people of all sorts like to drink. Drinking allows people to lower their inhibition and generally just have fun but by doing so, it can also get people into a lot of trouble. Limiting your drinking to two or even three glasses, can cause you to stay out of trouble today and lessen the chance of you having to use a bail bondsman.
  2. Limit Your Nightlife. Only so much fun can really happen once the sun goes down. By limiting the amount of time you spend at night, you can limit the trouble you get into.
  3. If You Go Out Bring a Partner or Friend. By always having a partner with you, you can trust yourself to be someone you can count on during both the good times and the bad, and someone that can hold you responsible for all your actions.
  4. Bring the Right Equipment. No, we’re not talking about equipment to stay the night with a stranger. Instead, bring a bottle of water, a blanket, and even a flashlight to help you just in case something was to happen to you late in the evenings while you are out.
  5. Stay Charged. In today’s world most of us have cell phones, if you plan on going out or having a bit too much fun, keep your phone charged so that you can contact a friend or someone of a sober mind when you need too.

Remember, if you follow these 5 steps you’re be able to enjoy the warm weather and not get into too much trouble.

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