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What are Bail Bonds?

Arrested Need Bail in RaleighHave you or someone you know been arrested? Is their bail more than you can afford? A bail bond could be the answer you are looking for.

A bail bond, also known as a surety bond, is a contractual agreement between an arrested individual and a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman agrees to post the full bail amount to the court should the defendant not appear for their appointed court date. A bondsman will accept these terms in exchange for a small premium from the defendant, or in some cases their friends, family or attorney. Should the defendant not appear for their scheduled court date, the bond is said to be in default with the bondsman forfeiting the bail posted.

Raleigh Bail Bond Process

Before taking on a case, a bondsman goes through a simple questionnaire to get basic information about the defendant and the case. After agreeing to take on the case, bail bondsmen will request a formal interview to ask more in-depth questions surrounding the individual and their criminal history. These questions typically range from where the defendant works, where they hang out, who they are friends with, to more involved questions regarding the criminal incident.

Bondsmen also enlist the help of the defendants friends, family and co-workers to ensure the individual makes it to their court date. By keeping them involved, the defendant will fully understand the importance of going to court and keeping their promise to the bail bondman.

Bail bonds are available so defendants can spend the time before their court appearance working or spending time with their friends and family. It also helps the jail system keep from being flooded with individuals awaiting court dates.

Bondsmen in Raleigh

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