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Raleigh Bail Bond Rules and Regulations

Similar to how different states hold different smoking rules and different speed limit regulations, different states have different bail bonding rules.

It’s important if you need a Raleigh Bail Bondsman and ever get arrested that you know the specific rules and regulations that reside over the state that you are in.

Raleigh Bail Bond Rules

Pricing in certain states can sometimes be regulated. In North Carolina for example, pricing is regulated on how much a bail bondsman can charge. Most Bail Bond Agents throughout the country generally charge an interest fee of 10-15% of the total amount of the bond, however North Carolina in particular administers that bail bondsman can only charge a flat fee of 15% for all of your bail bonding needs.

This means that if you have a bail bondsman who offers you a lower rate, he may not be able to do what he claims to do. Raleigh bail bonds are mandated by law and cannot be changed by a bondsmen. Are bondsman are forced to get their department of license defense and work with the coporate system to get your bail bonds back.

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