How to Spot Criminal Activity

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Thieves. Criminals. They are all around us. In fact, renown criminal Jesse James stole money from his first bank this month. Whatever your thoughts on Jesse James are one thing is for certain, he was a criminal in every sense of the definition. He was someone who committed a crime and broke the law. Whether you think Jesse’s actions were good or not, he did break the law.

Signs that a Person Might Have Criminal Tendencies

Whether you get caught up in criminal activity, or not, it’s important to have an idea of how to look for characters like Jesse and his gang. Here are some items we’ve found helpful when dealing with shady characters:

  • Look for Sketchy Behavior – Sketchy people are more than just people who avoid looking into your eyes. Sketchy people can be seen as someone who doesn’t look at you straight in the eyes or someone who acts fidgety in certain situations.
  • Loiterers/Stalkers – If you notice people just wandering around you haphazardly or even someone who continues to follow you, I’d suggest keeping an eye on them. Loiters and/or stalkers are usually up to no good and cannot be trusted.
  • Emotional Outbursts – Acts of crime can often be acts of passion. Keep an eye on people who are acting on irrational emotions. This can be either people who are screaming violently or are acting out in sadness.
  • Talks of Law Breaking Are Happening – A sense of not following the law is common in most criminals and it usually starts small. Small rule breaking begins with acts of vandalism and drinking, but it can lead to other things.

These are just a few of the character items you need to look for when being on the look out for criminals and sketchy characters but remember at the end of the day you know the people you hang out with better than we do.

Were You Thought of as a Criminal? Our North Carolina Bail Bonds Team Can Help You

Remember if you experience characters that view any of these habits it’s best that you stay away from them. There are times however, thought hat you might be seen as one of those characters and even get arrested. If that’s the case, we’d like to help you.  To learn more about our bail bonding services, please call 919-438-1295 or drop a message into our contact form.

Foregiveness and Bail Bonds

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Forgiveness. It’s something that we all want. Today is National Forgiveness day and it’s something that many of us need. We often get so busy in our lives that we often forget about asking for forgiveness or forget how to ask for help.

As a bail bondsman though, it’s our jobs to understand that things happen and people make mistakes. It’s a part of the human psyche that’s why we’re excited to be bail bondsman  Our job is to help others in their time of need and it’s something that we pride ourselves in.

Bail Bondsman Services

A Bail bondsman will give you forgiveness almost all of the time. We don’t judge you through any step of the proccess. We are here to help you in your time of need. That is why  we offer 24/7 365 day bail bonding support for those who need it and yes, we believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

A bail bondsman can…

  • Be available in your time of need.
  • Help you, help a loved one.
  • Be a source of knowledge.

We understand that bail bonds can be a scary thing, but we’re here to help you.We won’t just leave you, but we’ll be here throughout the entire process to help you with just about everything.

Bail Bonding needs for help

Looking for bail bonding help? The experts at Holmes bail bonding can help you with all of your needs. We offer 24/7 365 day bail bonding support for those looking for help. Call 919-438-1295 or submit your project at our form to learn more.

Tips to Avoid a Shady Bail Bondsman in Raleigh

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Looking to hire a bail bondsman? Well chances are that you’ve probably heard that many of them are shady and untrustworthy, and unwilling to work with you.

We understand that many people have their hesitations when working with a bail bondsman. Our clients are typically shady characters and we can often come off as gruff and not trust worthy. That’s not to say that we don’t trust you, it’s simply because we have trust issues ourselves. We work with the judicial system to get out, so it’s important for us to make sure that everything is ran properly and smoothly.

We understand though that there are shady bail bondsman out there but there are a few steps that will help you find them:

    • Read bondsman reviews online, before committing yourself to a bail bondsman. They will give you an idea of how a bail bondsman works and will paint a picture of what your experience will be like.
    • Know your bail bonding rules. This means you might have to consult an attorney or consult the laws online at somewhere like, but it’s important that you know the rules of the bail bonding process before you get into trouble.
    • Don’t make any investments or spend money without having written documentation. This will save you if you have reason to believe that the bail bondsman is working against your best interests.

Follow these three rules and you might be on your best regards in having a bail bondsman.

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Bail Bond Discrimination

Bail Bonds DescrimationAs a bail bondsman company we don’t discriminate. It’s part of our jobs, however we do take our due diligence in choosing who we are going to work with.

As you can understand being a bail bondsman, means that we work with a variety of people and some of them are in fact criminals. We do use our best judgement when we choose to work with clients, as we know that some of the people we work with could potentially not pay us or skip town altogether.

As a bail bondsman it’s important for us to believe who we work with. Just like any company we don’t discriminate from sex, creed, or sexual orientation but we do have a process in place that includes a number of questions that we ask in order to qualify an individual for bail bonds.

Discrimination on Criminals

We do agree that all people are innocent until proven guilty and we do not discriminate, but we do ask the following from all of our clients:

  • Have justifiable money to pay your bail bonds back. If not you do have the collateral to put up.
  • Do show up to jail on a timely presence.
  • Do remain inactive from any activities that could be seen as harmful to your upcoming court date.
  • Do remain in the area where you were arrested and reside until the court hearing is over.
  • It’s not much but we want the bail bonding presence to be as easier as possible.

Looking for a bail bondsman? We can help.

The team at Holmes Bail Bonding is here to help you. We offer a wide variety of bail bonding services for all of those who need it. Please call us immediately if you need bail bonds help 919-438-1295 or send your message to our contact form.

How to Be safe during the holidays

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It’s starting to get warmer outside, which means more and more people are going to start spending time outside and going out. With St. Patrick’s Day and July 4rth right around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before people start heading outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Saying that though, it’s important to know how to handle yourself outside both personally and professionally when you’re out. A look, a glance, or a few ugly words can get you into trouble in a hurry. Here are 5 tips to follow to make sure that you don’t need to call a bail bondsman when you’re outside having fun.

  1. Limit your drinking. Professionals and people of all sorts like to drink. Drinking allows people to lower their inhibition and generally just have fun but by doing so, it can also get people into a lot of trouble. Limiting your drinking to two or even three glasses, can cause you to stay out of trouble today and lessen the chance of you having to use a bail bondsman.
  2. Limit Your Nightlife. Only so much fun can really happen once the sun goes down. By limiting the amount of time you spend at night, you can limit the trouble you get into.
  3. If You Go Out Bring a Partner or Friend. By always having a partner with you, you can trust yourself to be someone you can count on during both the good times and the bad, and someone that can hold you responsible for all your actions.
  4. Bring the Right Equipment. No, we’re not talking about equipment to stay the night with a stranger. Instead, bring a bottle of water, a blanket, and even a flashlight to help you just in case something was to happen to you late in the evenings while you are out.
  5. Stay Charged. In today’s world most of us have cell phones, if you plan on going out or having a bit too much fun, keep your phone charged so that you can contact a friend or someone of a sober mind when you need too.

Remember, if you follow these 5 steps you’re be able to enjoy the warm weather and not get into too much trouble.

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