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Finding an Honest Bondsman


Honest North Carolina Bondsman

Did you know that North Carolina Bail Bondsman often get a bad wrap? We are often considered criminals and thugs, but we are far from that.

The average bail bondsman is human just like you and me. We get a bad rap because of the risk involved in helping someone post bail.  Often, we are seen as people who help criminals, but we need to remember that criminals are not guilty until their court hearings.

Now the average bail bondsman is a good guy, but just like anything else their are bail bond scams out there. The following are factors you may be a victim of a bail bonds scam.

  • A bondsman will rarely call you directly. The majority of the time, bail bondsmen will deal with the defendant asking you to find a bail bondsman for them.
  • Do your homework. Most bail bonds agents work with accredited businesses and can easily be reviewed on Better Business Bureau or through references.
  • There should always be paperwork involved with a bail bondsman.  If a bonds agent asks for money, ask for copies of signed papers by a company representative.
  • Never trust a phone call or text message. Always ask to talk to a bondsman in-person.
  • Never trust a bail bondsman who offers “cheap bail” services or only “5 percent” bail, lower than the 15% bail bond premium that is required by most states.

Remember a proper bail bondsman will be honest and work with you every step of the way.

Looking for a bail bondsman in North Carolina?

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