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Honest Bail Bonds Agents

Finding an Honest Bondsman


Did you know that North Carolina Bail Bondsman often get a bad wrap? We are often considered criminals and thugs, but we are far from that.

US History books of bail bonding and law

The United States History of Bail Bonds

Holmes Bail Bonding in Raleigh explains how the service of bail bonds first originated in The United States.

Holiday DUI

The DUI Holiday Season

DUI/DWI’s are serious charges and should not be taken lightly. But you also should not spend time in jail that would not count towards your sentence.

Raleigh Family Services

Bail Bonds: A Family Experience


It’s not only yourself and your future that is on the line, but also your family, children, and friends too.

Arrested Need Bail in Raleigh

What are Bail Bonds?


Have you or someone you know been arrested? Is their bail more than you can afford? A bail bond could be the answer you are looking for.